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The Sport Aircraft Builders Club was formed in 1973 by a group of ordinary people interested in aviation and aircraft building. Over the years club members have built up a facility second to none at Serpentine Airfield. Members build, hangar and fly their aircraft at Serpentine, and join in the many social events (flying and non flying) that help make it such a great club. If the web site sparks your interest, contact us and arrange a visit to the airfield for a look around.


Serpentine AirfieldThe Club was established to provide a base and airfield for members to build, restore, maintain and operate their aircraft.  Members participate in a wide range of activities including fly-ins, fly-aways, competitions, maintaining the airport infrastructure and other social activities. Serpentine Airfield is restricted to Sport and Recreational aviation only; no commercial flying.

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Busy Bees

On the second Sunday of each month (unless rescheduled for mothers' day etc) members get together at Serpentine for a Busy-Bee, under the guidance of a volunteer coordinator. Routine tasks include fence maintenance, clearing fallen tree limbs, mowing, sweeping, clubhouse cleaning and painting.

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Vision Statement

Our Vision

To be a club with great facilities where members and visitors of all ages can come together to celebrate aviation and to participate in aircraft building and recreational flying in a welcoming social environment.

Our Mission

  • To foster interest in the building, design, restoration and operation of light aircraft for non-commercial activities.
  • To encourage Members to construct, maintain and operate sport, vintage, ultralight, experimental and amateur built aircraft.
  • To maintain and develop the facilities at Serpentine Airfield.
  • To encourage Club support of appropriate national sport aviation bodies which aim to support amateur built and sport aircraft.
  • To own and operate Club aircraft when appropriate.
  • To inform and educate Members about technical or other matters pertaining to constructing, maintaining or operating light aircraft for non-commercial activity.
  • To provide a venue for social activities involving Members, their families and guests.
  • To encourage interaction between Members and members of other special interest groups.
  • To provide a venue for charitable functions.
  • To encourage and foster an interest in aviation among the broader community.
  • To foster good relations with owners and occupiers of neighbouring properties by establishing suitable guidelines for the operation of aircraft at Serpentine Airfield.


Airfield Layout