SABC members enjoy fly-ins, fly-aways, competitions, involvement with aircraft building, involvement with maintaining airport infrastructure and a wide range of social activities. Serpentine Airfield is restricted to Sport and Recreational aviation only; no commercial flying. 

We recommend prospective new members begin visiting our airfield regularly, and get to know some of the members. Weekends are the busiest times, with people flying, building, and having a coffee and chat. Flying Sundays are also held every month - come and enjoy some lunch while meeting people.

We also recommend you attend our monthly meetings which are normally on the last Sunday of each month at 2.00pm in the airfield clubhouse.

You, and the Club, will be in a better position after a few months, to decide if this is the Club for you. You will need a proposer and two seconders on your application form, both of whom must be Club Members of more than 1 years standing.

We have three basic grades of membership. Social membership is for family and others interested in the club. It gives access to the members-only section of the web site, the email lists and entry to the airfield.

Associate Membership is for people wishing to eventually become full members. Suitably qualified and approved Associate members can hire the club aircraft.

Full Membership is for people who have been an Associate Member for a minimum of 1 year. You must be a qualified pilot or have an aircraft or aircraft project to be eligible. Full Members can base aircraft at Serpentine, subject to restrictions and approval. Once you have an approved aircraft you may then apply for permission to buy a hangar. All available hangar sites already have hangars on them so you will need to negotiate purchase from a current owner.