Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia upcoming events
  1. 2018 AAAA Spring Fly-in & AGM @ Temora (07 Sep 2018)

    2018 AAAA Spring Fly-in & AGM @ Temora

    This year's Spring Fly-in and Annual General Meeting of the AAAA will be held at Temora in NSW on the weekend of 8 and 9 September 2018. This is a non-flying weekend for the Temora Aviation Museum so we won't be competing for airspace or tarmac with their operations but the museum will be open and is not to be missed.

    Our AGM will also be being held this weekend and we encourage any members keen to nominate for Committee to talk to existing members about what's involved in helping run and manage your association.

  2. 2018 AAAA Grassroots Fly-in @ Leeton (29 Sep 2018)

    After a few failed attempts, we're hoping to make it to Leeton this year for the Grassroots Fly-in!

    Bring your sleeping bag and tent for this "back to basics" event where we'll be camping & eating at the field!

  3. 2019 AAAA National Fly-in @ Echuca (22 Mar 2019)

  4. 2020 AAAA National Fly-in @ Echuca (20 Mar 2020)

  5. 2021 National Fly-in @ Echuca (26 Mar 2021)