On the second Sunday of each month (unless rescheduled for mothers' day etc) members get together at Serpentine for a Busy-Bee, under the guidance of a volunteer coordinator. Routine tasks include fence maintenance, clearing fallen tree limbs, mowing, sweeping, clubhouse cleaning and painting. Click below for a list of jobs outstanding.

Busy-bees are a great opportunity for members to enjoy some contact with other members over a brrom or chain saw and morning tea. You will find the atmosphere welcoming and interesting and as strenuous (or not) as you want to make it.

Keep an eye on the calendar for details of the next busy-bee event.

Job List





Eqt needed

Sunday, 18 November 2018


Boundary Fence maintenance

The signs of Spring are here, and the weeds are growing up everywhere.
The Fence line gets sprayed regularly by the WIP Committee, but we need to go around and rake out the weeds that are under the wires, which could cause the electric fence to short to ground and be ineffective

Rakes, Hoes, whippersnipper,
maybe an axe or mattock
gloves & hats & other PPE etc