Members should note that the web site has many features that can only be accessed after you log in. You can log in here: Member Login

13 July 2018

A system update broke the image slide show at the top of most pages. Turns out that module was very old and updates not freely available. Replaced it with a new free extension called DJ-ImageSlider and so far so good.

20 June 2018

Users can now view photos and profiles of all other members by selecting [Club]>[Membership]>[Member Gallery]. Here is a direct link: Member Gallery

You can also update your own profile including your photo here: User profile

16 June 2018

The member login function has been moved from the right side bar where it permanently took up screen space, to the menu bar.

The main menu bar has been moved to top of screen where it looks a little more natural. The text is smaller too, so should fit comfortably on most screens.

The page adapts to the user's screen size so on a mobile phone or tablet, the menu will change to a "hamburger menu" style, which is a descriptive name for the 3-bar symbol - 2 bread slices and filling inside.