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50th Year Anniversary

Serpentine Visiting Pilots Briefing



The SABC is hosting its 50th anniversary fly-in over the weekend of the 28th & 29th of October 2023. This briefing document has been compiled to outline basic knowledge and procedures for pilots intending to fly-in for the clubs celebrations at the Serpentine Airfield (YSEN).



Please think, act and fly safely and adopt the Safety³ philosophy:

  1. Safety for yourself, your passengers and your aircraft.

  2. Safety for other airspace and aerodrome users.

  3. Safety for those people and assets on the ground.


  • Updates to the fly-in will be provided via the club Facebook page

  • Prior permission is not required for this event but advice of intent to attend for planning of aircraft parking is appreciated. Contact Brad Ogden:



  • Please check ERSA for the most current aerodrome details.

  • The main runway is 05/23 (bitumen) approx. 900m. Runway 23 has a displaced threshold.

  • Both runway circuits are to the left.

  • Runway 05 circuit minimum height is 1,000 feet.

  • The primary grass runway is 09/27 – approx. 600m

  • The shorter parallel grass runway parallel to 05/23 will be used for aircraft parking.

  • Animal hazards such as kangaroos and birds exist.

  • Windsocks are located as per the ERSA diagram.

  • Closest aerodromes - Murray Field approx. 200°/6nm and Jandakot approx. 000°/18nm


The aerodrome details as depicted in the ERSA are detailed below. Check Airservices for latest revision.

2023 Fly In ERSA





The aerodrome as seen from google earth is below:


google earth image


The aerodrome as depicted on the Perth VTC is shown below for reference only:

VTC cropped


  • CTAF/UNICOM – 119.1

  • Perth Centre 135.25

Please be aware that Murray Field approx. 6nm to the south has an identical CTAF Frequency and runway directions.



  • There has been significant sand-mining activity immediately to the north-east of Serpentine. This is in the approach path for Runway 23 and is a visual distraction, as is the multi-coloured scooped-out area.

  • A BOM radar tower is to the north west corner of the property.

  • The sand mining also means there are now few forced-landing paddocks close to the airfield in any direction, so perhaps search on an up-to-date satellite view for the few available paddocks that remain.

  • There will be a great deal of vehicular and pedestrian traffic by the entrance gate. This is close to the beginning of Runway 23 which has a displaced threshold. Please do not fixate on these things; just be aware and do not land short of the displaced threshold.

  • There are elevated power lines approx. 700m to the south-west which intersects the approach slope to RWY 05.





  • Webcams are available at or Avplan/OzRunways

  • The GAF and Jandakot TAF/METAR are available from BOM.

  • Sunset on the days is approximately 1838 WST.

  • Windsocks are located as per the ERSA diagram.




  • Please make clear legible radio calls.

  • There will be a large number of aircraft movements, so keep a vigilant look out and fly correct circuit procedures. We anticipate up to 100 visiting aircraft with airspeeds ranging from 40 knots to 200 knots. Stay alert. If in any doubt, give way.

  • Expect a delay inbound, not only because of the volume of arrivals but because there may be aerobatics taking place, in which case we ask you to remain clear of the circuit (preferably to the west) until that pilot has finished their aerobatics.

  • Please make appropriate calls on the joint CTAF frequency 119.1. Try not to overload this frequency, bearing in mind that Murray Field aircraft are joint users. Concise calls at ten miles inbound, joining the circuit, on downwind and final are recommended. Please keep your calls brief. Also please listen out carefully to form a mental picture of other traffic in the vicinity.

  • Much more importantly, please keep your eyes peeled at all times. Not all aircraft in the area will be using 119.1; radios do fail; and some aircraft still don’t have radios.

  • If there is an incident one or all runways may be closed for an indefinite period. Possible diversions are Murray Field approx. 200°/6nm and Jandakot approx. 000°/18nm.

  • Volunteer marshalling services will be available from 0730 each day. Please follow the marshallers directions.

  • Please follow instructions from our marshallers and park where directed.

  • Pilots are asked to shut down their engines before the aircraft are pushed into parking spaces to maximise SAFETY and occupancy.

  • Parking is not available at or in private hangars.

  • Buses will be available to ferry fly-in visitors across the runway. There is to be no pedestrian crossing of the runway.


  • Please make clear legible radio calls.

  • There will be a large number of aircraft movements, so keep a vigilant look out and fly correct circuit procedures.

  • Be extra vigilant before lining up on the runway for departure.



  • There may be photographers with their tripods around the airfield. We will try to ensure they are wearing yellow, high-visibility vests.

  • Please have a very good look around prior to starting your engine, a lot of people at the airfield on the day wont be familiar with aircraft so will be unaware that beacons on and the words “clear prop” signal an engine start. Be mindful of those who don’t understand aircraft operations and where possible use a volunteer to keep people away during start.

  • As previously stated there is to be no pedestrian crossing of the runway.


  • AVGAS and MOGAS is available via a self-service pump with a credit/debit card-reader. Be careful of wingtip clearance and please move well clear of the taxiway when refuelling.

  • Only one aircraft at a time at the pumps so the taxiway is not blocked.

  • Call on Unicom when inbound or tell the marshallers if you require fuel.



Many of the people who will be visiting the airfield on the day know little or nothing about aircraft and their vulnerability and fragility. Be sure your aircraft is secure if you’re leaving it unattended and please make a careful pre-flight inspection before departing.


  • LOW FLYING – if you aren’t qualified to do it, don’t do it, remember the Safety³ philosophy.

  • This is not a public air show, it’s a fly-in celebration event.

  • Aerobatics are not permitted below 3,000 feet unless you possess a Low Level Aerobatics Endorsement, in which case your minimum permissible height is that stated on your endorsement. Don’t fly low-level aerobatics with a passenger.

  • Please be mindful of what’s behind and around you when starting engines and conducting run ups.

  • If you need to push your aircraft or manoeuvre out a of a tight space please use wing walkers or some of our volunteer marshals.

  • Please fly neighbourly, having our aerodrome located so close to suburbia is a privilege and we need to respect our neighbours by minimising noise disruption.


  • Be aware of your own limitations and the fatiguing effect of making several flights in one day. Stay hydrated nourished and keep your blood sugar levels high.

  • Please stop flying as soon as you find yourself making even small mistakes.

  • Make good decisions.


Food and drinks will be available for purchase on the day.


Onsite camping and nearby accommodation options are available.

Please contact: Brad Ogden:


  • Please enjoy your day with us at Serpentine Airfield to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

  • We and our visitors would be very grateful if you would display a laminated A4 sheet of information about your aeroplane in its windscreen or on the propeller.

  • Please be professional with regard to all aspects of your operation. The SABC and our operations are visible to the public.

  • Safety³.

  • The future of this event is dependent on us all operating within appropriate guidelines and the Civil Aviation Legislation.