Check ERSA FAC, Visual Terminal Chart (VTC) and NOTAMs for current details about YSEN.

Airfield Code

Serpentine, Western Australia

GPS Position 32° 23.698' South
115° 52.259' East
Elevation 30' amsl
CTAF 119.1MHz
Shared CTAF with Murrayfield
Surrounding airspace The Murrayfield/Serpentine CTAF lies within the Training Area D104C
Area Forecast Area 60

05-23, 910m long, Bitumen, Lights

09-27, 600m long, Grass, No lights

Runway Lights PAL
125.3mHz (3 pulses of between 1.6 and 5.6 seconds within a total time of 25 seconds)
Runway lights on for 34 minutes
Windsock lights pulse on and off for the last 10 minutes of this time
  • Please obtain permission before using airfield.
  • Sprinklers may be operating, usually early mornings
  • Beware of wildlife (both winged and legged varieties) in early morning and early evening
  • Murrayfield has the same runway numbers - please clearly identify your location in radio calls
Phone (08) 9525 2085 (at the airfield)