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Airfield Code

Serpentine, Western Australia

GPS Position 32° 23.698' South
115° 52.259' East
Elevation 30' amsl
CTAF 119.1MHz
Shared CTAF with Murrayfield
Dimensions - 3nm radius from YSEN and from YMUL, height 1500'AMSL - please check current VTC for accurate information
Surrounding airspace The Murrayfield/Serpentine CTAF lies within the Training Area D104C
Area Forecast Area 60

910m long

600m long
No lights

Runway Lights PAL
125.3mHz (3 pulses of between 1.6 and 5.6 seconds within a total time of 25 seconds)
Runway lights on for 34 minutes
Windsock lights pulse on and off for the last 10 minutes of this time
  • Please obtain permission before using airfield.
  • Sprinklers may be operating, usually early mornings
  • Beware of wildlife (both winged and legged varieties) in early morning and early evening
  • Murrayfield has the same runway numbers - please clearly identify your location in radio calls
Phone (08) 9525 2085 (at the airfield)