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The club has an informal "Safety Sub-Committee" whose role is to encourage safe flying at Serpentine, and by club members elsewhere.

Chairman: Bob Grimstead Members: Col Morrow and Rick Verwoord.

The SABC Safety Sub Committee exists to encourage safer flying by all SABC members, to encourage safer flying at Serpentine, to formulate guidelines for aerobatics, formation flying and flying demonstrations at Serpentine, to disseminate relevant safety information, including accident reports and engineering advice where appropriate, to provide safety related training, to run skill-enhancing seminars and competitions from time to time, and to organise and undertake group briefings for SABC events.

All advice offered is believed to be the best available at the time, and such advice is offered in good faith, but all such advice is given on the understanding that no member of the SABC Safety Sub Committee assumes any liability or responsibility for the conduct of any member of the SABC, whether or not that member is following the advice of a member of the Safety Sub Committee.

Furthermore, SABC members should be aware that flying carries risks, including those of death and serious injury, and SABC members should accept that it is their personal responsibility to fly in such a way as to minimise those risks to themselves, their passengers, and people on the ground.

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