Hello again Folks,

It seems my earlier e-mails on safe fuel handling have raised other, related topics, which may have distracted us all from my original point.

The important thing is, wherever your fuel comes from, and whatever type of fuel it is, please handle it very carefully.

As the hotter weather comes, and with it increased evaporation of the volatile fuel, the fire risk increases.

Please be sure to earth both your aircraft and the fuel container to a suitable earthing point BEFORE opening either your fuel tank or the fuel container.

Please keep fire extinguishers handy -- or at the very least, buckets of sand. Remember, water will only get under the burning fuel and spread it.

You cannot imagine the pain of a completely burned hand, let alone worse. As you know, the grandfather of one of our members was killed in exactly this way.

Please take care out there.

Finally, the Committee is very aware of our member's feelings about a fixed fuel installation. There are an awful lot of aspects to consider, and many of them are far from obvious.

As ever, your Committee's members are all volunteers. I am sure they will be grateful for PRACTICAL help from any of you on this, or any other matter.

This topic is now closed.



Bob Grimstead
SABC Safety Committee