7 Dec 2023


There is now refreshed shelving in a refurbished space for a new generation of books and other publications.

Serpentine Clubhouse Library

The previous collection has been reduced to items that take into account the ethos and mission of the club, recorded borrowing levels and the current more prevalent use of technology.

The collection is now smaller and more club focused. As a result the collection will be easier to maintain and manage, and members to be consolidated and easier to find.


If you have aviation-based items that align with the following, they will find an immediate home and a new life. These can be left in a box under the table.

  • General fiction / Historical fiction
  • Adventurers, especially from WA/Australia
  • History of grass roots aviation in WA/Australia
  • Biography / Autobiography
  • General reflections, history and stories of war (popular reading)
  • Individual/group aviators at war
  • Club aircraft types, general interest, operating manuals etc.
  • Innovation, From Da Vinci to present
  • Technical, anything that supports the building and maintenance of light aircraft
  • Flying operations

Please find another home for encyclopedias, big beautiful coffee table books and anything from the wider aviation field without day-to-day club relevance.

If you are unsure about leaving something you value, feel free to leave it anyway with your name and contact details in case we need to return it to you. Any other unsuitable donations will be made available to other members for personal use.


Given the practical value of items relevant to the building and maintenance of club aircraft, these have been shelved separately in the new enclosed cupboards. Donations for this section would be particularly useful.


The card system is no longer effective, so for the benefit of all members can you please sign out borrowed items in the notebook provided leave your preferred means of contact in case an item is needed elsewhere return items as soon as you can.


Returned items for shelving can be placed in the labelled box near the drink machine.

A check around the hangar for items you have finished with would be appreciated. We are aware that there are many out there to be returned.


Magazines will no longer be collected. Only EAA Sport Aviation and Airsport with complete publication runs remain.

However, shelves have been left free for you to leave, take or swap your favourites.


We would like to acknowledge the most welcomed assistance we have had from Dave Olney and Martin Ford (committee), Glen Caple, Bo Hannington and his work team for support, shelving and painting.


Your comments and suggestions as the library moves forward in a new more technological era would be very welcome. Please direct them to Carol or a member of the committee.

Carol Filippi & Vicki Morris

December 2023

25 July 2023

An update on the Library refurbishment that Vicki Morris and Carol Filippi are carrying out on behalf of the committee.

The activity is designed to refresh the contents, and the presentation of our books as well as tidy up the area which is in need of attention.

Currently all books have been removed and stored. The shelving can now be moved to allow for bug removal, floor/wall painting and general reorganisation with new furniture.

Magazines have been divided into those with a historical link to the club, and all the others. Historical ones will either be reshelved or archived. The rest - along with some books, are currently on the library table and available to take. Any that are still there by August 7, will be disposed of.

Technical books with club value have been separated and will be available again soon.

General interest books will all be returned to the shelves.

Drop-offs of books cannot be accommodated at this stage until the process has been completed.

Hopefully we can get it all back and running very soon. Any suggestions, concerns or questions please let the President or someone on the committee know.