This page is the primary reference for the SABC Table of Fees.

Membership Fees

  • Subscription for new application for Associate Membership submitted between:
    • 1st July and 30th September: $165.00
    • 1st October and 31st December: $125.00
    • 1st January and 31st March: $85.00
    • 1st April and 30th June: $45.00
  • Social Member Subscription $20.00 per year
  • Associate Member Subscription: $165.00 per year
  • Full Member Subscription: $250.00 per year
  • Application for Full Membership: $100.00 (once off) Note 1

Aircraft Based at Serpentine

  • Aircraft Fee (By-Law 2.4, “Aircraft”): $120.00 per year

Site Fees

Establishment Fees
  • Hangar Allocation Fee (By-Law 3.8.1)
    • Hangar frontage 13 metres or less: $2,000.00 (once off) Note 3
    • Hangar frontage more than 13 metres: $2,500.00 (once off) Note 3
  • Hangar construction deposit (By-Law 3.8.2): $500.00
Annual Fees
  • Hangar Lease Fee (By-Law 3.7.1): $12.00 per year Note 2
  • Airfield Maintenance Fee (By-Law 3.8.3, based on hangar frontage): $20.00 per metre per year
  • Caravan/Donga site: $150.00 per year Note 4

Accommodation Units

  • The Rooms will be charged out at $50 per night. (Cash payment required.)
  • Bookings and payment co-ordinated by the Caretaker, Tony Dale.

(Refer committee meeting minutes 7 Oct 2023)

 Aircraft Hire

Note 1. The upgrade fee from Associate to Full member is a one-off application fee. It does not equal the gap between Associate and Full member fees.
Note 2. The "Lease Fee" is a contribution towards the Club's lease costs. It is not a hangar site lease from the Club.
Note 3. By-Law 3.8.1 states that a non-refundable fee is payable when a member is allocated a hangar site for the first time.
Note 4. Caravans and Dongas are charged at $150 per year to contribute to the airfield rates and other service costs. Hangar sites are allocated to members for their individual use but the member has no lease or other form of tenure over the site.
Note 5. The DJR hire rate and all fees apart from Membership Subscriptions are set by the Committee. Membership fees are proposed by Committee and ratified by a general meeting.