This is a list of aircraft approved to be based at Serpentine Airfield, as at 24 Sep 2023.

To contact any owner you can check for their details in the Membership Directory (member access only) or contact the Membership Registrar (see Contact Us).

Type Registration Category Owner Builder Notes
Alarus CH2000 VH-MJY Commercially Built Brian Moore    
Auster J1 VH-BEP Vintage Gordon Collen    
Auster J1B VH-AYJ Classic Glenn Shaw    
Auster J2 VH-BNQ Classic Barry Campbell    
Auster J5G VH-KCG Classic Garth Cruden    
Bede BD 5 VH-IWG Amateur Built - ABAA Jane Hulbert Gordon Johanson  
Bingo 19-5079 Amateur Built - RAA Brent Emery Brent Emery  
Botes/van Heerden Bitzer Twin VH-EBT Amateur Built - Exp. Dawie Botes Dawie Botes  
Bucker Jungman VH-FBJ Ex-Military Bert Filippi    
Cessna 150 24-5070 Commercially Built Tony Dale    
Cessna 150A VH-LPA Commercially Built Tom Emmans    
Cessna 172 VH-BAZ Commercially Built David Hill    
Cessna 172 VH-OCP Commercially Built Martin Softly    
Cessna Cardinal VH DZP Commercially Built Ian Berry Cessna  
Colomban Cri Cri VH-ZSE Amateur Built - Exp. Sakkie van Heerden Sakkie van Heerden  
Corby Starlet VH-CKM Amateur Built - ABAA Garth Cruden Colin Morrow  
CT4 VH-ANH Ex-Military Dave Gard    
Cuby VH-JLH Amateur Built - ABAA Rob Felton Rob Felton  
Culp Special VH-ZUZ Amateur Built - Exp. Peter Cash Peter Cash  
de Havilland DHC-1 VH-RHW Vintage Glen Caple Owner Restored Vintage  
DR-107 One Design VH-NBZ Amateur Built - Exp. Scott Adamson    
DR-107 One Design VH-OND Amateur Built - Exp. Chris Shiels    
DynAero MCR Pick-Up 19-2374 Amateur Built - RAA Jonathan Devine    
Eagle 150B VH-RQQ Commercially Built Lindsay Danes Eagle Aircraft Company  
FK9 ELA 24-7797 Commercially Built Viv Harris    
Flight Design CTSW 24-4500 Commercially Built Telfer Bowman    
Flight Design CTSW 24-8003 Commercially Built Murray Slavin    
Flitzer VH-SFF Amateur Built - Exp. Mark Crawford Mark Crawfod  
FlySynthesis Storch 24-5520 Commercially Built Chris Perryer    
FlySynthesis Storch 24-7487 Commercially Built Peter Cash    
FlySynthesis Storch HS 19-2345 Amateur Built - RAA Ron Kilcullen OAM    
FlySynthesis Storch HSJ 24-4617 Amateur Built - RAA Gwyn Smith    
FlySynthesis Syncro 24-8658 Commercially Built Gwyn Smith    
FlySynthesis Texan 24-7285 Commercially Built Raymond Parsons   Approved 4 Mar 2023
Focke Wulf 44J Stieglitz VH-FBU Ex-Military Bert Filippi    
Fournier RF4 VH-HDO Unique Aircraft Bob Grimstead    
Funk B85C 24-7706 Vintage Andrew McCandless    
Glasair VH-OOA Amateur Built - Exp. Paul Pengilly    
Glasair Super IIR6 VH-EXP Amateur Built - Exp. Steve Izett Steve & Bob Izett  
Hughes Lightwing 28-1910 Amateur Built - RAA Gary Miles    
ICP Savannah 19-8402 Amateur Built - RAA John Reymond John Reymond  
Jabiru 24-4940 Commercially Built Ken Rear    
Jabiru 230 23-1734 Commercially Built Wayne Patterson    
Jabiru J120 24-5561 Commercially Built Derrick Bennett    
Jabiru J250 19-4046 Amateur Built - RAA Robert Emery Ed and Gwyn Smith  
Jabiru J330D 24-7288 Commercially Built Neil Carey    
Jabiru UL 19-3557 Amateur Built - RAA Barry Smith    
Jodel D-11 19-5269 Amateur Built - RAA John Reay    
Kitfox 19-1596 Amateur Built - RAA Noel Mullee    
Legend 600 (Aeropilot) 24-8710 Commercially Built Gwyn Smith    
Maule VH-VVG Commercially Built Bob Grimstead    
Mooney M20J VH-KLT Commercially Built Glen Caple   Approved 1 Jul 2023
Mooney 21 VH-TPF Commercially Built Rob Ozanne    
Morgan Aeroworks Cheetah 19-5456 Amateur Built - RAA Michael Richardson    
Nord 3202 VH-UFB Ex-Military Bert Filippi    
Onex VH-OXN Amateur Built - Exp. Wayne Bone Wayne Bone  
Panther 19-1320 Amateur Built - RAA Steve Chapman Steve Chapman  
Pazmany PL2 VH-IMQ Amateur Built - Exp. Michael Radford Smit   Approved 1 Jul 2023
Piel Emerald VH-IMP Amateur Built - Exp. Rob Milton Rob Milton  
Piel Super Diamant CP605 VH-KGW Amateur Built - Exp. Graham Rawlings Graham Rawlings  
Pientenpol Air Camper 19-1700 Amateur Built - RAA Alain Belen Graham Hewitt  
Pietenpol VH-UCP Amateur Built - Exp. Carol Filippi    
Piper J3 Cub VH-LRU Classic David Mills    
Piper PA18-135 VH-DKD Classic Marcus Geisler    
Piper PA22-150 VH-OLD Commercially Built Brady Phillips    
Piper PA28/140 VH-STR Commercially Built Ian Edgell    
Piper PA28/140 VH-ITW Commercially Built Ian Wright    
Piper PA28/180 VH-AMN Commercially Built Malcolm Parsons    
Piper Warrior VH-DJR Commercially Built SABC    
Pitts S12 VH-WOQ Amateur Built - Exp. Rod Edwards Rod Edwards  
Pitts S1S VH-LTF Amateur Built - Exp. Rory Hicks George J Reeve Jr  
Pitts Special S1 VH-ISI Amateur Built - Exp. Gordon Johanson    
PZL Kilber 150A VH-MKO Commercially Built Stephanie Moore   Approved 1 Jul 2023
Quad City Challenger 28-473 Amateur Built - RAA Tony Phillips    
Ragwing 19-1518 Amateur Built - RAA Don McCall Les Fullwood  
Rans S-12XL 28-1060 Amateur Built - RAA  William Simons    
Rans S6 Coyote 19-3135 Amateur Built - RAA Barry Sweeney    
Sapphire Winton LSA 25-141 RAA 95.25 Howard Jones   Approved 5 Aug 2023
Scottish Aviation SK61 Bulldog VH-CHU Ex-Military Charlie Chua    
Silver Centenary VH-USC Amateur Built - Exp. Anita Edwards    
Skycraft Scout 10-174 Commercially Built Chris Perryer    
Skyfox CA22 55-0676 Amateur Built - RAA Revel Downing    
Skyfox Gazelle 24-3798 Commercially Built Bill Day Bill Day & Gavin Strack  
Skyfox Gazelle VH-JND Commercially Built Alasdair Smith    
Socata Rallye 893e VH-INF Commercially Built Martin Ford    
Socata TB20 Trinidad VH-TBZ Commercially Built Ken Rear    
Sopwith Scout (Pup) VH-NHD Amateur Built - Exp. Bert Filippi    
Spitfire VH-BPD Amateur Built - Exp. Murray Kester Murray Kester  
Stits Sky Coupe 19-9710 Amateur Built - RAA Don Woodward Dave Woodward  
Stolp Acroduster Too VH-UBC Amateur Built - Exp. Charlie Chua    
Sud Aviation GY 80 Horizon VH-YOG Commercially Built Allan Churn    
Taylor Monoplane 19-8116 Amateur Built - RAA Chris Perryer    
Team HiMax 1400 19-1683 Amateur Built - RAA Michel Van Der Sluis Michel Van Der Sluis / Dawie Botes  
Thorp T18 VH-BVO Amateur Built - Exp. Brian Olney Brian Olney  
Tiger Moth VH-WFN Vintage Bill Dearle    
Tiger Moth VH-NIG Vintage Nigel Emmans    
Tiger Moth VH-DWD Vintage Bert Filippi    
Tiger Moth VH-CXL Vintage Jimmy Mitton    
Tiger Moth VH-ZSA Vintage Andrew Mitton   Approved 4 Feb 2023
Vans RV3B 19-8684 Amateur Built - RAA Ian Byers Ian Byers  
Vans RV4 19-1517 Amateur Built - RAA Guy Dutertre AF Curtis Approved 4 Mar 2023
Vans RV6 VH-ASF Amateur Built - Exp. Shirley Harding Shirley Harding  
Vans RV6 VH-TBH Amateur Built - Exp. Gavin Humphreys Gavin Humphreys  
Vans RV6 VH-SWM Amateur Built - Exp. David Mills    
Vans RV6 VH-YLC Amateur Built - Exp. Andrew Tainsh Andrew Tainsh  
Vans RV6 VH-MMZ Amateur Built - Exp. Zak Zaklan Sak Zaklan  
Vans RV6 VH-SJV Amateur Built - Exp. Eric Cheng    
Vans RV6 VH-YUY Amateur Built - Exp. Martin Ford Martin Ford  
Vans RV6 VH-XMW Amateur Built - Exp. Chris Shiels    
Vans RV6A VH-CBO Amateur Built - ABAA Bo Hannington Bo Hannington  
Vans RV7 VH-YSV Amateur Built - Exp. Rick Verwoord Rick Verwoord  
Vans RV-7 VH-KEA Amateur Built - Exp. Rob Maley Rob Maley  
Vans RV7A VH-VAN Amateur Built - Exp. Barry Collins Barry Collins  
Vans RV7A VH-PVA Amateur Built - Exp. Peter Poland    
Vans RV7A VH-TGA Amateur Built - Exp. Neville Witty    
Vans RV7A VH-YOD Amateur Built - Exp. Clint Wood Clint Wood  
Vans RV-7A VH-MRV Amateur Built - Exp. Robert Montgomery Robert Montgomery  
Vans RV8 VH-VLY Amateur Built - Exp. Jos Bonnie    
Vans RV-8A Glow Worm VH-ZSW Amateur Built - Exp. Dawie Botes    
Vans RV8 VH-ZUR Amateur Built - Exp. Andrew Hurst   Approved 1 Apr 2023
Vans RV9 VH-FMC Amateur Built - Exp. Vicki Morris Hans Vermeulen  
Vans RV9 TBA Amateur Built - Exp. Kevin Nash   Approved 5 Aug 2023
Vans RV10 VH-IMZ Amateur Built - Exp. Ian Edgell    
Vans RV10 VH-IJV Amateur Built - Exp. Ian Jenkins Ian Jenkins  
Vans RV12 VH-CNR Amateur Built - Exp. John Bullock John Bullock  
Vans RV12 VH-YOR Amateur Built - Exp. Shirley Harding Shirley Harding  
Vans RV12 VH-YRT Amateur Built - Exp. Robert Melis Robert Melis  
Venturer 2 10-0224 Amateur Built - RAA William Simons Don McCall  
PZL-104 Wilga 35 VH-TZL Commercially Built Tom Emmans    
Wittman Tailwind VH-JPB Amateur Built - ABAA Howard Jones    
Wittman Tailwind VH-UAT Amateur Built - Exp. Sakkie van Heerden Sakkie Van Heerden  
X-Air 19-3177 Amateur Built - RAA Arthur Hindle    
Yakka VH-YGJ Amateur Built - Exp. Gordon Johanson Gordon Johanson  
Zenith CH601 XL-B 19-5466 Amateur Built - RAA Ian Hislop    
Zenith CH701 19-3715 Amateur Built - RAA John Balch Arthur Williams  
Zenith CH601HDS Zodiac 19-5097 Amateur Built - RAA Revel Downing Revel Downing  
Zenith CH601XLB Zodiac 19-7166 Amateur Built - RAA Peter Lalor Peter Lalor