DJR Club AircraftVH-DJR is the club's Piper Warrior PA-28-161. 

It is available for hire only to Associate and Full members. To obtain access for booking DJR you need to seek approval to use the aircraft by sending your current AFR and medical certificate to our DJR coordinator (see below).  The aircraft booking screen is only visible to approved hirers.

DJR can be used for private hire and AFRs. The aircraft is not insured for ab-initio training.

As most are aware DJR is undergoing annual and getting a new engine along with a spruce up. Recent review of rates have been approved as follows:

- Associate Member booking rate $280 per hour wet.

- Full Member booking rate $260 per hour wet

- Full member block booking rate $2350 per 10 hour block.

Block Bookings available to Full Members Only.

Rates are adjusted from time to time as determined by the Committee.

Note that Bulk Hour discount requires purchase of 10 hours in advance. The hours must be used within 12 months of purchase date. Committee may extend this for unusual circumstances where DJR is not available.

If you have any maintenance concerns about DJR - please let us know.

Contact: Jamie McAlindon

Email -
Phone - 0414 874 483

Last updated 7 Oct 2023