25 July 2023

An update on the Library refurbishment that Vicki Morris and Carol Filippi are carrying out on behalf of the committee.

The activity is designed to refresh the contents, and the presentation of our books as well as tidy up the area which is in need of attention.

Currently all books have been removed and stored. The shelving can now be moved to allow for bug removal, floor/wall painting and general reorganisation with new furniture.

Magazines have been divided into those with a historical link to the club, and all the others. Historical ones will either be reshelved or archived. The rest - along with some books, are currently on the library table and available to take. Any that are still there by August 7, will be disposed of.

Technical books with club value have been separated and will be available again soon.

General interest books will all be returned to the shelves.

Drop-offs of books cannot be accommodated at this stage until the process has been completed.

Hopefully we can get it all back and running very soon. Any suggestions, concerns or questions please let the President or someone on the committee know.