Hello again folks,

I have had lots of positive feedback from my attempts to persuade fliers of newly-finished (or newly-rebuilt or -repaired) aeroplanes to run a proper, carefully thought-out sequence of test flights to establish their aircraft's controllability, performance and safety.

Thank you all for your e-mails and personal comments.

One member thought it was all too complicated "After all, there are already plenty of this type flying." To which I can only reply "Yes, but none of those was built by you, so they are all different from yours."

Attached is a short article written by CASA test pilot and SAA member, Keith Englesman. He offers this advice on test flying to all SAA members, and I believe he also offers test flying advice to individuals. He is a keen light aircraft pilot, with his own (immaculate) Rans S7, and it was he who first approved Ron McPherson's Fly Baby under the old 101.28 rules.

Keith tells me there is an alternative test flying schedule to the FAA one available on the SAAA site, although I have not yet had the time to look at it.

Good luck to all you test fliers -- although nothing you do should depend upon luck.


Bob Grimstead
SABC Safety Committee