Sorry, everyone. I am as inept with computers as I am with aeroplanes.

That suggestion to get some circuit practice was written on the evening of our last meeting, and applied to LAST Sunday (30th May - our monthly Flying Day). The forecast for this Sunday (6th June) is not at all optimistic, so I would recommend you leave your practice for a while.

As it happens, last Sunday's weather was not as good as forecast, although a dozen or so of us did get some useful practice in crosswind take-offs and landings. It was very breezy, but I only had to abandon take-off once. Which reminds me... How long is it since you last practised stopping during your take-off? Staying in practice makes the real thing quicker and easier to do. I reckon at least one of our more respected members recently wished he was more in practice at rejecting his take-offs. Be careful, though. Stopping on take-off form a high speed, or in a tailwheel aircraft can be tricky, so it might be best to make your first few tries from a really low speed. Or if you haven't done one for a while, take an instructor with you.

The same goes for missed approaches (go-arounds, or overshoots). Have you done one recently? Professional pilots make at least one rejected take off and a couple of go-arounds every six months, to be sure they can do them well. Do you?

Happy (and safe) flying, and see you at Serpentine when the weather improves.

Bob Grimstead SABC Safety Committee