A reply from one of our members has reminded me that one of the things I said in my last e-mail (about carby ice) was wrong.

You CAN get it in a Jabiru. I now remember a Jab was badly damaged in a forced-landing caused by carby ice after flying through the invisible plume of moisture downwind of a set of power station cooling towers.

Here is his experience:

Great stuff Bob . Very very good . All timely reminders .

My Jabiru Engine is a 3.3 litre six cylinder. Under cloud last year in July coming back from the Wave Camp at the Porongorups, whilst over Narrogin, only at around 2500 ft, I found myself applying more power to stay level with 2800revs.

Then I remembered to check the EGT, and there it was, well below the normal reference point for the day's conditions. Carbi heat FULL ON... Rough running for 30 seconds or so, then the revs came back and the EGT rose. I am not that experienced with "carbi -ice ", but now have even more respect for those weather conditions . Cheers

Stay safe.


Bob Grimstead
SABC Safety